Smilebox for Birthdays


Smilebox is a great way to celebrate birthday’s for your friends and family members.

Birthday parties are such fun, but sometimes they can also be a little stressful. Between party planning, finding the right gifts, and taking all the oh so important photos it can be a little overwhelming.

Luckily, Smilebox is here to help. They offers hundreds of birthday themed scrapbooking layouts, slideshow template, cards, and even party invitations. There is a huge varieties of different templates for you to choose from. Look through all of the different designs is one of my favorite parts.

Their simple to use software makes it easy to add your own photos, texts, music and videos to each and every project. Your Smilebox card, invitation, slideshow or scrapbook will be a true original.  Because you get to add all the finishing touchings it will be extra special for who ever you share it with it.

You can share your Smilebox creations in so many ways. You can send them direct by email. You can post them to your own web page, blog or Facebook. You can print them out on your home printer or have them professionally printed. You can even burn your birthday slides and scrapbook pages to DVD.

I can’t count the number of times I have forgotten to send out a birthday card or invitation until is too late to arrive on time. With Smilebox’s easy share features all you need to do is hit the send or share button and your loved one will have their birthday greeting immediately delivered.  Being able immediately print, email or share my newly created cards and invitations may be one of my favorite features.

Another of my favorite features is all of the fun templates to choose from.  As I said  above there are hundred’s of designs to choose from just for birthdays. You can find the perfect match for any person or party you are planning.

Almost all of our families birthday’s fall within about 10 weeks. We call it birthday season at our house. Even as an avid digital scrapbooker it is hard to keep up with all the photos. Smilebox is a fast and easy way to prevent my families memories from gathering dust. If you have old birthday photos setting on your hard drive now is the time to dust them of and share them.

Create a birthday scrapbook or slideshow today. You can try Smilebox for free!

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